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AMD bundle

A multiple-use tool for bundling up AMD, CJS & ES 6 modules, which is much easier to use than r.js with Almond or AMDclean.

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cd path/to/project/root

npm install amd-bundle --save-dev

amd-bundle -a -m \
    path/to/project/source/entry \

amd-bundle will

  1. start bundling from the entry point path/to/project/source/entry.js

  2. write into path/to/project/bundle/file.js with only one define('file', [ ]) and global.file definition, just like UMD style

  3. treat ${process.cwd()}/node_modules/${module_full_name} as a user's module to pack in

  4. generate file.min.js & file.js.map in path/to/project/bundle/

More options


amd-bundle --help

Usage: amd-bundle [options] <entry file> [bundle file]


    -V, --version      output the version number
    -a, --include-all  Bundle all dependencies (include those in "./node_modules/")
    -m, --minify       Generate minified source code & source map
    -s, --std-out      Write into "stdout" without logs
    -h, --help         output usage information



Key/value of option moduleMap is same as the basic parameters of String.prototype.replace().

JS Module


Build standalone release files (Full source code, Minimized code & Source map) by executing a single command (npm run build).

Multiple bundles from one source

Bundle ECMAScript 6+ codes

Typical Cases

  1. iQuery.js (where the prototype of amd-bundle came from)

  2. WebCell (where v1.0 rewritten out)

  3. WebCell DevCLI (where v1.3+ came out)

More use case