Headless Internet Explorer NodeJS API inspired by Puppeteer.

[ Notice ] Microsoft Edge isn't supported by this package as it utilizes ActiveX,
whereas Edge uses the WebDriver protocol & DevTools Protocol for automation.
So you can control it by Selenium or Edge diagnostics adapter.

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npm install puppeteer-ie --save-dev

[ Notice ] If you get some error at installing, try to execute the command below:

npm install windows-build-tools --global --production

(More about this)


Only change the Package Name, and then do as Puppeteer does.

[ Recommendation ] Use DayDream to record operation scripts in Google Chrome.

API document accesses from https://techquery.github.io/Puppeteer-IE/, npm docs or npm run help.

Known issue

  1. Loading pages of IE will be blocked if a Web server running in the same NodeJS process

  2. Loading pages from localhost will lost the window object in NodeJS process

For the above reasons, I recommend using KoApache to host your Web pages for testing or other things.


Contributor guide


  1. Puppeteer

  2. Node-ActiveX

  3. HTML2Canvas